class pep.pep.Membrane(parentMembrane=None)[source]

Membrane class, that can contain other membranes or be part of another membrane

  • variables (list(Pobject)) – array of P objects
  • programs (list(Program)) – list of Program objects
  • chosenProgramNr (int|list) – the program nr that was chosen for execution OR array of chosen program numbers when enzymes are used
  • newValue (double|list(double)) – the value that was produced during the previous production phase OR array of values when using enzymes
  • enzymes (list(Pobject)) – array of enzyme P objects
  • parent (Membrane) – parent membrane (Membrane object)
  • children (dict) – map (dictioanry) between String membrane_name: Membrane object


print([indentSpaces, toString, withPrograms]) Print a membrane with a given indentation level
print(indentSpaces=2, toString=False, withPrograms=False)[source]

Print a membrane with a given indentation level

IndentSpaces:number of spaces used for indentation
ToString:write to a string instead of stdout
WithPrograms:print out the programs from each membrane, along with the membrane variables
Returns:string print of the membrane if toString = True otherwise returns None