API Reference

pep.pep.NumericalPsystem() Numerical P systems class
pep.pep.Membrane([parentMembrane]) Membrane class, that can contain other membranes or be part of another membrane
pep.pep.MembraneStructure() P system membrane structure (list of structural elements)
pep.pep.Program() Program class
pep.pep.ProductionFunction() Production function class that stores expressions using the postfix (reversed polish) form
pep.pep.DistributionFunction() Distribution function class (list of distribution rules)
pep.pep.DistributionRule() Class for the distribution rules that make up a program, together with the production rules
pep.pep.Pobject([name, value]) Mutable objects that are needed in order to allow all membranes that use the P object to globally modify the object